"I Can Hear You": on ISLE OF DOGS for The Point Magazine

My friends at The Point have kindly published my take (perhaps the first of two; a second take, comparing Anderson's film to the methods of Vincente Minnelli musicals, I may publish here) on Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs. Please do check it out:


"Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is about the familiar problem of nature intersecting with culture. The front matter of the title is already an awww-shucks affirmation of sentiment atop a declarative axiom—the film’s eponymous setting transmogrifying, when spoken, into the pun “I Love Dogs”—and so a reminder of our ability to re-process what is natural into dialogue, ritual and art. Meticulously recreating the world in stop motion, Isle of Dogs not only expresses the soulfulness of “man’s best friend” within Anderson’s stylized simulacrum, but returns to one of the director’s favorite themes: the ability of the arts to transform—in this case often to “resurrect”—our most treasured sentiments and memories, both public and private...."

Read the full essay at The Point Magazine website.